It has taken me over half a lifetime to realise
I have the antidote to life’s poison...music
— Jane Cuva


My desire is to heal the world...
one song at a time


I was introduced to music as a young child sitting on my father's lap as he sang, played the piano and wrote his own songs. 

Two events changed me as a person and as an artist;

At the age of 67, my beloved father died...having been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers. His death made me re-evaluate my life. I sang for him and the care home residents and the positive effect that music had was extraordinary. I decided to use my voice to help those in the community that would benefit from it the most; singing at events from 2,000 people (Breast Cancer Charity Event) to 10 people ( adult and children's hospices).

Then in 2016 I read a newspaper article about the suicide of a young boy, aged 12 yrs, who had been bullied at school for being gay.  This tragic story affected me and after reading several more I felt inspired to write a song from the heart; it unleashed my desire to heal the world...one song at a time.

My songs are about the soul's journey through life; they deal with  love, rage, despair, and spirituality; the culmination of a life lived so far - put into words and music for the first time- for me, answering the question: 'What Are We Here For?"

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I would describe my mezzo-soprano sound as sometimes haunting, always emotionally charged and definitely therapy for the soul.

Influenced from a young age by Kate Bush, with her soaring vocals and creative story telling, I have written and recorded my first song , 'Arise', which was inspired by the tragic suicide of a 12 year old boy who was bullied at school. This was tenderly written with the hope that the healing message may reach and help others who feel unable to cope with life.

Written by Jane Cuva - Lyrics and Vocals by Jane Cuva - Directed by Trevor Bishop - Cinematography by Alan Wright - Produced by Bright Brothers Productions - Based on piano arrangement by Paul Moxon - Produced and Mixed by Gareth J. Rubery - Starring Leonardo Vieirra


'ARISE' was inspired by the death of a 12 year old boy who killed himself after being bullied at school.

I’ve heard that you’ve checked out
Don’t like what life’s about
You say that there’s no hope for you
To follow the path that is true to you

This bud may never flower
But you’ve always had the power
To grow, despite the cold,
Arise from the foul to score the goal

I’ve heard that you can’t win
It’s either sink or swim
But victory is not the race
Its in the lines upon your face

This bud may never flower
But you’ve always had the power
To grow, despite the cold,
Arise from the foul to score the goal

Just feel it and feed it
Believe it and see it
The freedom to be it,
To rise up and wise up
Your blood’s running colder
I wish that I’d told ya
Just live till you’re older
Please live ‘till you’re older

You’re falling
I’m calling
My skin is now crawling
I wished that I’d told ya
Just live till you’re older
The problems you’re facing
The time’s now erasing
My pulse is now racing
To reach you, in case you…
— jane cuva

Offering a unique musical accompaniment, I am available to book for any type of private function, charity or corporate event. I can perform my own compositions or a range of covers, from Katherine Jenkins, musical theatre classics to Frank Sinatra- tailoring the repertoire to the needs of the event.

My sets can be for 10 mins or 1 hour or more depending on your requirements and I come with my own sound system and appropriate backing  music where needed. Pricing can be discussed to suit your budget.

I am also looking for opportunities to bring my voice and songs to those who will most benefit from the healing and comforting effects of music; charities that support children and adults in crisis and those in the media/ persons/ organisations that support them.

If you like what you hear and would be interested in booking me to sing at your event or function, or for us to collaborate, PLEASE CONTACT ME VIA MY BOOKING FORM OR CALL JANE CUVA on 07525 206880

                                      THANK YOU SO MUCH, JANE