My desire is to express the truth about how powerful we are as human beings - through music that is food for thought and comfort for the soul’

Life as we experience it brings about changes in us that are sometimes big enough to force us to re-evaluate what our priorities are and where to put our focus.

I have come to realise that for me the Holy Grail has always been the quest for the Truth. The truth about us, who we really are, where we come from, what is consciousness and what else is ‘out there’.

I have had an inner belief since childhood that there is more to us as a species than I was taught to believe.

I believe a healthy society and planet rests not only on discovering this Truth but living it to the best of our ability.

As Human beings we conduct our lives and form fundamental views of ourselves and the world we live in based on the Truths we have been taught by others in good faith – a regurgitation passed from generation to generation. A version of the Truth that goes unchallenged, like the air we take into our lungs.

But our air is getting more and more polluted – just like the Truth and for humanity and our planet to survive we need to purify it. Rid it of the toxins that have built up.

Our future, and that of the Earth’s, depends on it figuratively and literally.

The challenge is to accept that the Truth can be uncomfortable. We may face a limit to the scientific theories that we can study simply because our brains cannot conceive of a reality beyond our own - a bigger picture.

But we must not be deterred by that or disregard seeds of a potential new Truth just because we were more comfortable with the old Truth that had been allowed to grow wild in a garden where there once was a path that led somewhere.

I am passionate about finding the answers to the mysteries of the universe and writing music inspired by them; music that is food for thought and comfort for the soul on its journey through life. 

I am learning that music is more powerful than I even thought. That certain vibrations and frequencies created by the voice and instruments can actually have a healing effect on the listener and could even resonate with dark energy itself – which is now understood to be everywhere.

My songs are about the soul's journey through life; they deal with  love, rage, despair, and spirituality; the culmination of a life lived so far - put into words and music for the first time- for me, answering the question: 'What Are We Here For?"

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